• Avoid useless topics, Learn Modern Acting.

  • Avoid show offs, Learn to Showcase.

  • Avoid boring theories, Learn with Practical Modules.

  • Avoid fake commitments, Get Fulfillment.

  • Avoid crowded classes, Get personal attentions.

  • Avoid Fake Name or​ Face, Get Expert Classes

As we all are well acquainted with a fact that, almost all Big and successful Directors/Actors started their journey as Assistant Directors.


Our course will help you in understanding not only the roles and responsibilities of an AD but also will help you in learning the importance of film making procedure which is equally crucial for actors and directors.

It's a grand opportunity for you to attend the professional and Practical classes of Vikram Viviek an Eminent Professional of Indian Film and Television Arena as well as an Audition expert.

Come, join us and explore your talent...

Learn Camera Acting  by.. Acting on Camera!

Learn Film Making by.. Making Your own Films!


INR.599/- per Class


1 MONTH   : INR 2,150/- (instead of 2,396)

2 MONTHS : INR 3,950/-

(instead of 4,792)

3 MONTHS : INR 5,750/-

(instead of 7,166)

It's an internationally inspired Camera Acting and Film Making workshops in Mumbai.

This (workshop) project is called “Move to MayaNagri”. 

We will take our students to Mumbai itself; where they can stay, learn and explore the industry, making it easier to start their career as actors and/or assistant directors.

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Mumbai Tour

@ 15,500/-

1 Week Stay

Breakfasts and Meals

AC rooms with Wi Fi

Artist card

Local visit

Film City visit

Up to 5 free auditions

Up to 50 important contacts

Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi tickets


@ 2,990/- Each

Portfolio (10-12 Pictures)

Audition Links & Intro Videos

Makeup Artist

Camera Acting Workshop

‘Learn from the person best equipped to teach you, a Film Director‘

Our motivation for this particular workshop arises from our wish to break the myth that theatre and camera acting are the same, when in actual, they are very different in nature. Just like you can’t just move from singing Hindustani classical to sing opera, your transition from theatre to film won’t be as smooth as you’d like to believe. So if your aim is to work in front of the camera, why not begin from it?

Film Making Workshop

‘Learn and make films with a film maker itself’

We wish it was as easy to make films as imagining them, and somehow being projected for the world to see your potential as storytellers. But until that technology is possible, we are here to help. If you are a beginner with endless ideas but not the idea about executing those ideas, or someone who already has some experience, and want to hone their skills, you are welcome to join our family of people who are just like you.

How to crack Audition,
Exclusive Classes

‘Understand the techniques from the person who might audition you in the future;

a film director’

Cracking auditions is both an art and a science. There are so many talented people auditioning, so how do you stand out you ask? Well the trick is to get in the mindset of the writer and the casting director. In the workshop we’ll teach you all those little techniques alongside helping you preparing for an audition. One thing we ask for in return is your autograph!


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