Frequently Asked Questions

What curriculum does CineManiaa Film Studio follow?

We believe in contemporary techniques not on customary techniques. Thus, we follow an internationally inspired, practical based modern curriculum designed with experienced mentors.

What support does the Academy provide for placements?

Our academy not only provides placements but believe in developing bright careers of students. We support the rising talents in making their future better. As we are associated with various production companies, casting agencies and channels; our students gets regular updates from these sources.

How safe is this field for girls?

See safety don’t depends on any field, it only depends on you itself. You need to be confident, clever and brave. No field is dangerous for girls and it’s proven that girls can do far better and are more responsible as well. So, don’t go for any shortcuts, focus on your goal, be on right path and concentrate on your efforts.

What acting techniques do you teach?

We teach the modern acting techniques which include expertise in screen acting. Screen acting is exclusively based on practical experience in front of camera. We do have different courses for both Screen acting and Stage Acting.

Is it necessary to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater or in acting in order to be admitted into the Acting Academy?

No, there is no minimum qualification eligibility for the admission.

Does CineManiaa offer Walk-in-Auditions?

Yes, based on requirements. We often set up auditions for multiple projects including Movies, TV serials, TV commercials, web series and Music albums as per the requirements.

Is an outsider, other than your in house students can apply for the auditions?

Yes, of course anyone can apply for the auditions.

If I don’t receive a callback on the day I Audition, Does that mean I will not be accepted into the Acting Academy?

If you didn’t receive a call within a week, maybe then you are not selected for the current or for a particular role but it doesn't mean that you are rejected. You may get a call back within 3 months by us as we keep circulating your profile for various projects regularly  for 3 months. 

Are your auditions paid?

No, auditions are not paid; they are absolutely cost free. Yet, if someone is taking auditions or fees using our name, you are requested to inform us immediately.

Is it necessary to give any auditions or test before taking admission in your Academy?

No, it’s not necessary because we know you are not well trained actors but stills it’s required for you to give Auditions (optional) as it will be better for us to discover your skills according to which we will train you in a better way.

Do you have any registration charges? And if it is, is it compulsory?

Yes, we do have a genuine and minimal registration charges but they are optional. You can register for regular casting updates.

What if, by any cause I will have to discontinue the course and I need to withdraw my fees?

As per our company policy and as mentioned on the receipt that fees once paid are non-refundable, but it can be adjusted. For details you are requested to check our company policies.


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